A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

VTM - The Game of Elders

Your unlife has been going on for many centuries. But now the world changed, a call has appeared from afar. There is no way to resist him. Maybe, potent blood can help you. 

  • Sacrifice followers to achieve your goal.
  • Use the powers of the clans.
  • Brew alchemical potions.

Use everything that is available to you. Experiment.


  • Game mechanics uses the "Vampire: The Masquerade" (5ed) clan system;
  • 22 unique followers;
  • 10 dungeons; (Use Lead card to unlock new places)
  • 4 endings; Tell me if you beat the game ;-)
  • Thin-Blood Alchemy;
  • Journey to the Middle East;
  •  and more!


  • wasd/arrow keys or RMB/MMB - move camera
  • LMB - drag cards
  • Space - play a move
  • Hold mouse over the hint to read it

PlatformsWindows, Linux
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(5 total ratings)
GenreCard Game, Puzzle
Made withGodot
TagsHorror, Vampire
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


elders_v4_win.rar 104 MB
elders_v4_win.zip 108 MB
elders_v4_linux.zip 109 MB

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Hi Gamet, I played your game. I liked the concept. It crashed to desktop when I completed a Lead on  the place I think called The Bar.

May I ask from where have you learned to make such a card game? Can you lead me in the right direction? I also want to try to make such a thing in VTM universe about the Tremere.

Hey otorobot! Thanks for the comment! I am not aware of such a problem, it would be great if you sent me your logs and savefile (C:\Users%username%\AppData\Roaming\Godot\app_userdata\The Game of Elders; e-mail: alex.rudkovski@yahoo.com).

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About the card game, I used the principles of OOP to bring my ideas to life. My code is not perfect, there may be some bugs) A few tricks I looked at from Card Game Tutorial by Adventures in Godot. If you are interested in godot, you can start with this. Some RTS tutorials can also be useful.

hey this looks awesome, can you please add a linux version for us fans :D thanks for sharing your creativity ^^


Thank you! Yes, I’m making a linux version. I can’t test it myself, but I’ll be waiting for your comments)


will gladly test it for you when it's up! thanks again ^^

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hey, just downloaded and it seems the zip export is just the binary files of the game. according to this guide from godot, you should create a launcher script. i am no programmer myself but i have experience in gnu/linux as a user so feel free to poke me, would gladly test and play your game :)


Wow, your help is invaluable! I just tried to pack the game into a X86_64 executable. It’s probably more convenient this way.

it launches properly and it's playable ^^ thank you! 

P.S.: so far it seems slower than in a windows device i tried to launch it earlier, but my main linux device is a laptop and it's not so powerful. i will report if there is any bug, thank you kindly!

Interesting but I cannot grab the cards easily. It's so frustating! T_T

Thanks for the comment! I’ve noticed that some input devices such as controllers can cause input problems. Сan you describe your problem?

Hi, thank you for answering. No, I'm using a Mouse to play :s It's very hard to find the "spot" where the card sticks to the cursor so it can be moved. I just keep clicking and holding over the cards til eventually gets sticked to the cursor.

I had to unplug my controller to be able to grab the cards with my mouse. Try unplugging peripherals until you can grab them!

It works! Thank you :D


When I try to download it from itch, it gives me an unexpected error. Can anyone help me fix the issue? I was looking forward to trying this game.

Well done!
It takes a bit to figure out the mechanics, but I totally got hooked and just couldn't stop playing. Made it to 70 or 80 days, I think. Then it randomly crashed.

Hotfix is here! Testing is important, right? Feel free to leave a comment.